Downtown Staging of Cristalla

I'm going to be really honest. I lost sleep over this job. A picture is worth a thousand words and you can easily tell I am a bit worried. We are off to stage a high rise condo in downtown Seattle. There are logistics that need to be managed in order to pull it all off. Scheduling the truck and the freight elevators with the consierge, managing the furniture up and down the elevator and the boys who are lugging it, planning the installation perfectly so that the unload is minimal and not disturbing the tenants. I lost some sleep...
 In walks the creative genius with her fancy pants ipad trying to get us inspired. It worked. We have a fun creating framing project in store.
 Here is a bit of the process. This is an area off the living room and kitchen that we wanted to create as a media room. Great big tall walls...little impact...very scary.
 The final product after Sister Extraordinaire did that shopping magic that she does. It's my camera-not the picture that is crooked.

 The dining room we could not decide on the art. (We labor over every detail possible.) A modern canvas or...
 a more sophisticated framed print.
 We settled on this...
 The living room was the most fun to stage. The first rug we tried was too busy so it is gone in this photo.
 Here we changed the pillows and added an orchid.
 Here we lost a pillow and got rid of the orchid. Again, it's all in the details.

Tomorrow I'll show the rest of the condo along with the breathtaking Seattle view. I'm completely exhausted. (Oh, and never mind that Sister had to rush to school to rescue one of her kids and take her to the emergency room). We still met our deadline thanks to Danielle who needs a cute "blog" name.