I got it!

I just started to write...

and quit soon after.

However, while in the shower I had a thoughtful break through! I break my list into categories. Yes I know it is obvious to many of you but I could not see through the fog to get to any type of list. I am breaking it down to better manage it. Anyone else want to join me and share some goals?

1. Family
2. Personal
3. Professional
4. Travel
5. OH
6. my sweet Salon

In that shower, I reflected on my sister and was inspired when one year, long ago,  she exclaimed aloud to a group of woman a very lofty professional goal. I was awestruck that she could be so ballsy (shall we say). To my admiration she completed that very goal at years end. (I find it impossible or scary to verbally share my goals.) Do I sniff fear of failure?

Back to the list making...