Festive Italian Cooking

 How lucky we were to be part of a group that purchased an Italian cooking class at our school auction. I know that the bidding was fierce-what I didn't know is that it was going to be such an informative and memorable experience.

I have attended two very fun cooking classes here and here but this topped them all.

The table was set with beautiful Italian pieces.

Filled with rice and a votive a brilliant candle is created.

My Italian grandmother used her emply tins for vases as well. She would have loved to see a table set in this way. The dahlias matched perfectly!

My absolute favorite task was creating the Arancini. A meetball sized risotto ball with cheese and marinara inside, dipped in flour, eggs, and bread crumbs then deep fried. Heaven....

The finished platter awaits the deep fat fryer.

Served with a side of marinara and it is over-the-top delicious.

I was enamored with the kitchen tools. This is a vintage milk jar that now has the task of holding flour. Even the bowl in the photo was perfect.

Check out the pots, pans, the cook top and tools. Truly a cooks kitchen.

Here is our hosts extraordinare relaxing after this wonderful extravaganza.

The sweet cat got the last of the crumbs...

In this world of busy lives I think back on the evening and am thankful for a group of amazing individuals that donated their time and talent to create such a beautiful experience. I am thankful for the hysterically funny women that I got to share this night with, our amazing husbands and the auction that made it available to us. I want to do it again next year but feel that someone else needs a chance to experience this wonderful evening.

To the Wisemans, Micales, McDonaghs & Kaufmans. You out did yourselves!

 Grazie mille di coure!!!