Happy for Weekends!

There is nothing better than that 1st glass of wine after an insanely hard week. Sister Ex took more jobs than we usually do so we had to take it up a notch. We even staged into the late evening to try to get ahead. Good thing I remembered the Coronas. (Never mind that our subs were all vacationing with their children on midwinter break. And never mind that we had some of our kids in school and some on break. Never mind that the agents we were working for were in Disneyland and Cabo while we slaved away. And really never mind that I cut my weekend 1 day short to meet a deadline.)

Back to staging. I forgot to photograph the "after" in a mid century modern job that we staged using our new couch. Our pillows way rocked it.

And.... Guess what? We hit the ground running on Monday. Oh brother.