That's me!

Yes it happened. A stager's top nightmare. When staging a home we try to hang all of the art when the seller or the home owner is gone. It's hard for anyone to see holes being put in their walls they just want to see the fabulous finished product not how it's done. (we get that). However, we had an enormously heavy mirror to hang. Sister Extraordinaire got the hardware in the wall (kind of) and we began to hang it. With the help of the agent we almost got it on. Then, either the mirrror fell or I fell. No matter, it all came tumbling down. Me, the stool, the mirror, Sister's cute hat...SMASH to the ground! I looked at Sister, her hair was tousled and I was bleeding.

This is something we sisters laugh about but we had to hold it in until the agent left. Then we laughed.. and laughed...and laughed.

I just got a text from Sister telling me she still cannot stop laughing. Its funny but not funny because we now have a wall to repair. No it's funny...really funny.