The Forgotton Children's Fund

This letter to Santa says: "Dear Santa, moma said you got lost last year and couldn't find your way to our house we wrilly mist you aspeshely my little sisters Pleas come this year Santa we are beaing very good. Moma sais youll get lost again so hear is a map love, craig. ps. dont leav aneything for dady becuse he isn't hear anymore"

Thank you to Sister Extraordiniare for arranging for our crazy huge family to volunteer wrapping gifts. The gifts are delivered on Christmas to families with so little. The  Forgotton Children's Fund is an amazing organization.  

We participated in memory of our brother Bryan who helped start the Fund on that day in 1976.

The Parents

Middle sister & brother Steve

Sister extraordiniare & Mother

Piles of donations from stores are in a borrowed warehouse. You are given a family to "shop" for. It's especially fun watching your brothers grovelling with the wrapping part of the job. You start calling each member on your "shopping list"  by name and make certain that they would like what you have selected.

The Forgotten Children's Fund is always taking donations. Check out their website: