Los Angeles we have arrived!

We have arrived for our long awaited shopping trip ready to relax and enjoy a slower pace. Our list is long but just lingering over our morning coffee while the sun is coming into our room is almost more than enough for us. 

Our Hotel: The Avolon. It's a quiet place that's pretty hip in the day and lovely by candle light at night. We are happy...

We rolled into town and stopped for a $70  lunch at The Ivy. Of course there was a couple of star sightings by Sister Extraordinaire. We sat street side so you can't help seeing the limos arrive and who was getting out of the cars. You could feel the energy in the air changing-it's weird. We saw:

Adam Corolla

Jeff Bridges

Tara said she would promise to be a better poser for me becasue I am not always posting cute photos of her. But here you have it. Tara at the Ivy.

Behind me is where "everyone" arrives.

We are off to a fabulous start!