Dead Man's Bones

Ryan Gosling & Zach Shields' gothic folk band, Dead Man's Bones, rocked Seattle's Triple Door. Their songs revolved around ghosts and zombies. The all ages crowd absolutely loved it!

This is one of the few photos I could find of Zach. He is chiseled and handsome-really handsome. I loved his voice and stage presence.

My favorite part of course were the kids from Mark & Liz Power's Renagade Opera Children's Choir. Dead Man's Bones invites childrens groups to sing on stage with the band as they tour. The kids worked on the music for a few months and then an hour before the show with the band. We especially loved Andie. She plays the keyboard and flute in the band. Her voice is so sweet and beautiful. Zach & Ryan interacted with the kids on stage and goofed around with them right before show time. Zach had the kid's names memorized zombie makeup and all.

Time with the boys after the show.

Olivia made a sign with black nail polish on the pizza box. The band thought it was pretty cool and asked the kids to sign it.

Stephanie will owe me big for this wonderful photo. Do you two know each other?

The most talented costume designer in all the land.
The band was "blown away" with Nancy Horners's costumes. They have a special way they like the kids' make-up however when our kids arrived they were instructed to keep everything the same.

Marinna and Ryan.

Thanks to Mark Power, ROCC director and to Elizabeth, co-director for making such a great show happen. It was a ton of work.