Robbed Again

It happened again! This time the thieves must have been interrupted at the scene of the crime. We lost some great pieces, linen and art but they did not get it all. It was crazy looking at the crime scene. All of the items were sorted, wrapped when possible and stacked neatly by the door. We think the crooks were women because they took such care. The furniture upstairs was pulled out and put at the top of the stairs ready to be quickly loaded onto a waiting truck.

It is always a hassle to have our things taken. There really isn't any sentimental value it's mostly the time that went into purchasing the item and of course the money. Once in awhile we get really bummed that a certain piece got stolen.

We lucked out-the bedding was by the front door...

Loading up is always a fun job....yuck.

Movers of America moving company. Another glamours side to our business.