Internet and Selling Your Home

If you're selling your home one of your best tools is excellent photos. More than 80 percent of home buyers report using the Internet to look for a home, according to a survery by the National Association of Realtors good photos are critical.

Know that you only need one buyer. That potential buyer could be from out of town and have limited time to physically visit your home. Or your potential buyer may not want to drive to your home without seeing it first online. Capture their interest immediately with your online photos.

The importance of staging a home comes in when you want to sell the dream of home ownership, showcase the homes better features or down play those features that are not fabulous. Some people have a better time understanding the space when it is furnished. Open House staged a townhouse last week. The agent felt the master bedroom appeared small without furnishings. With staging we created a sitting area in addition to the queen bed and nightstands and the room looked plenty big. It worked.

Staging or styling each photo is also key. It you need to move a chair out of the way to showcase the home's view then do it. Even if it is not where the chair is in the next photo. Take great care with each shot.

Most importantly make a good first impression from the street to the unfinished basement. This will most likely be the largest sale of your life. Go the distance.

First Impression

The owner took great care in creating a mood as the potential buyer walks up the path. This was very intentional.

This is also a shot of the front yard. It's a perfect first impression.

The master bedroom looks lovely and inviting. The view is beautifully captured by photographer.

In the family room the staging creates a warm feeling with the stylish furnishings. Again, the photographer knows the views are important and keeps that in the frame.

Agent: Cathy Millan Windermere Real Estate
Staging by Open House LLC