On the market? First Impressions are a must!

I live in a city neighborhood where homes do not languish on the market. But one home is and I can give you some ideas why.

The home has a For Sale sign out front that is leaning over. That hints to me that it has market fatigue- something must be wrong with it. Next, there is a plastic storage closet near the front door (not a good visual). That tells me there is not enough storage in the home or there is not much of a yard in back for things. And one day, driving by I got a glimpse of the entry as the front door was wide open. The entry has a huge book shelf overstuffed with books. What a visual disaster!
Oh, the power of first impressions...
The sale of your home will most likely be one of the largest transactions of your life. Dig in and commit to getting it on the market with its best foot forward.